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Baby Girl from 4 weeks to 7 weeks - her first time on grass, with Mom Pearl and Aunty Mandy (Japanese Chin). She is VERY difficult to photograph - always on the move and busy!

Born April 17th, 2024

Sire: Am/Can Ch Sunojo's I Aim To Misbehave "Nathan"
Dam: Can Ch Sunojo's Jammed In A Red Dress "Pearl"

We are now taking applications for our red solo girl. I have thought long and hard about keeping her for myself, as she is a beautiful example of the breed and becoming a real character. But I have to be realistic about how many dogs I can have, and plan accordingly. If there is someone wanting to enter the show and breeding aspect of purebred dogs, this would be an excellent opportunity. But an excellent home is the first priority for this little princess.

If you feel you can provide an excellent home for her, please complete the following application. I will be away for the next week, and will review all applications next week (starting June 18th). Please note that homes with fenced yards and prior doggy experience are preferred. Shibas are NOT the easiest breed, so exercise and experience are extremely helpful in developing them into the best canine citizens.

For information on price, selection process, etc, please review the Puppy Placement details below.


Important Information

Puppy Placement

Age: Puppies stay with us until at least 9 weeks of age.

Shipping: We do NOT ship sight unseen - we prefer potential owners to come meet us and the dogs face to face prior to pick up. We may consider shipping if the puppy is travelling with new family, in the cabin. 

Price:  $4000 CDN on a spay/neuter contract. INCLUDES the CKC certificate of registration, sales tax, veterinary record, current vaccinations & wormings, SunoJo puppy care manual, starter package (food, blanket, collar, toy), 30 day full return, 2 year limited warranty on genetic health (hips, knees, heart & eyes) and lifetime support.

Spay/Neuter: Unless you are purchasing a show potential puppy, all dogs are on a non-breeding contract, which means they are to be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age. Any dogs we have available that are old enough (over 10 months), will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving us.

Reservation/Wait List: We do not maintain a Waiting List or take deposits  - it can be a long time until a puppy is available and we do not feel it is fair to keep someone waiting, and waiting. Non-refundable deposits are required after applications have been reviewed and interview process completed. 

Factors We Consider:  Shibas are not the easiest breed to live with, and we believe they are too challenging for the first-time dog owner. They require a great deal of exercise, especially in the first year, so fenced yards are a preference. No puppy does well being left for long hours by themselves, so this is an important consideration as well. To provide better support, we do like our puppies to stay somewhat local, at least in the same time zone.

Show/Breeding Stock

We are pleased to work with responsible Shiba Inu fanciers around the world, and proud of the contributions our dogs have made to the global Shiba Inu community.

In Canada, we co-own the show quality puppies, as this allows us to have access to a dog for showing and breeding, and to assist those who may be novices in the dog sport. For those new to the concept, there is a lot of responsibility involved - living with an unaltered animal and all that entails (heats, hormone swings, etc), and being able to let your dog go away on weekends for shows (perhaps 4 or 5 times a year). Breeding entails the dog come back to us for the actual breeding, and if the owner is a novice, the girls come back to us to whelp out the litter, which means they are with us for approximately 10 weeks.

We do have very stringent requirements, both to protect the dogs well being and the future of the breed.Please contact us if you are in search of a well bred, sound, healthy, and typey show dog.


Retired Dogs

We generally hold back a puppy from each litter, to hopefully show and breed later on. The evaluation process can take a year or more and we have very strict criteria for our breeding stock, so a dog that isn't maturing to that criteria then becomes available to a companion home. So they may be 'retired' by the age of 12 months, but are still very much puppies inside. 

The dogs in our breeding program are 2 to 5 years, and after giving us the next generation of SunoJo Shiba Inu, we find the perfect home for each individual dog. So their retirement age can be from 3 to 7 years. Retired show dogs are house/crate/leash trained, used to travel, comfortable in large noisy buildings, accepting of respectful strangers, and pretty darn perfect. Because they have been intact (not spayed/neutered) until recently, they will not have been around the same gender - Shiba males and females do NOT play well with the same sex. They are NOT used to being off leash or going to dog parks, or being around uncontrolled rude dogs.