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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

January 2021

Thank you to all that have enquired, but we have NO puppies available at this time.

We postponed the 2020 breedings as we were unable to get our females to stud dogs, and could not have visitors to meet the dogs and do interviews. We did NOT take any applications during 2020. There was a breeding done in the fall, and a litter born Dec 18, 2020. All puppies are spoken for, going to families that were approved prior to the covid lockdown.

We are planning two breedings for the spring; we are NOT making a waitlist yet, until we can confirm pregnancies. We are hoping that by that time restrictions will have eased somewhat so we will can arrange to screen and properly match puppies and future families.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sunojo puppy placement

Age:  Puppies do not leave their mothers until at least 9 weeks of age.

Shipping: We do NOT ship sight unseen - we prefer potential owners to come meet us and the dogs face to face prior to pick up. We may consider shipping if the puppy is travelling with new family, in the cabin. 

Price:  $3500 CDN on a spay/neuter contract. INCLUDES the CKC certificate of registration, sales tax, veterinary record, current vaccinations & wormings, SunoJo puppy care manual, starter package (food, blanket, collar, toy), 30 day full return, 2 year limited warranty on genetic health (hips, knees, heart & eyes) and lifetime support.

Spay/Neuter: Unless you are purchasing a show potential puppy, all dogs are on a non-breeding contract, which means they are to be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age. Any dogs we have available that are old enough (over 10 months), will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving us.

Reservation/Wait List: We do not maintain a Waiting List or take deposits  - it can be a long time until a puppy is available and we do not feel it is fair to keep someone waiting, and waiting. Non-refundable deposits are required after applications have been reviewed and interview process completed. 

Factors We Consider:  Shibas are not the easiest breed to live with, and we believe they are too challenging for the first-time dog owner. They require a great deal of exercise, especially in the first year, so fenced yards are a preference. No puppy does well being left for long hours by themselves, so this is an important consideration as well. To provide better support, we do like our puppies to stay somewhat local, at least in the same time zone.

Visit "Breeding Principles" to learn more about our breeding program and "How We Raise Our Puppies".