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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

Sunojo puppy placement policies

Basic Information

Age:  Puppies do not leave their mothers until at least 8 weeks of age.

Shipping: We do NOT ship - it is too stressful, too expensive, and too difficult to provide support for new owners. Please note US regulations prohibit puppies under 4 months from entering the US, and also Air Canada does not accept puppies younger than 12 weeks.

Price:  $2500 CDN on a spay/neuter contract (Sample Contract). INCLUDES the CKC certificate of registration, sales tax, veterinary record, current vaccinations & wormings, SunoJo puppy care manual, starter package (food, blanket, collar, toy), 30 day full return, 2 year limited warranty on genetic health (hips, knees, heart & eyes) and lifetime support.

Visit "Breeding Principles" to learn more about our breeding program and "How We Raise Our Puppies". 

Spay/Neuter: Unless you are purchasing a show potential puppy, all dogs are on a non-breeding contract, which means they are to be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age. Any dogs we have available that are old enough (over 10 months), will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving us.

Upcoming Litters

We are planning to breed two of our girls in the near future.

Mother Nature controls when they will come into season; it could be next month, or 6 months from now. Once a female has come into season (or 'heat'), she is bred 10 days later.

Gestation time is 59 - 63 days.

Puppies stay with their mothers for at least 8 weeks.

So it is approximately 4 months from time of breeding until a puppy can go its new home.

current Litters

Four Canadian breeders are working together, to share bloodlines and information, to enhance/protect the breed, and to ensure puppies are placed in the best possible homes.

Litters are arriving in Calgary, Edmonton, Thunder Bay and here on Vancouver Island. This kind of timing happens very infrequently, but is good for potential owners, as there are possibilities across the country to meet dogs and breeders in person.

ALL of the dogs involved in these breedings are from SunoJo stock and carefully introduced outside bloodlines, so you can be assured of health, temperament, and correct breed type. Applications, contracts, pricing & shipping vary with each breeder.

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