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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

june 15, 2020 - AVAILABLE

"REDDI" - Adult Female, Retiring from Show & Breeding

American/Canadian Champion BPIS Sunojo's Rowdy In A Red Dress

  • Born: June 6, 2015
  • OFA hips Excellent
  • OFA patella Normal
  • Excellent health
  • Crate, house, leash trained
  • Not a digger
  • Enjoys quiet times with humans
  • Not super energetic but does have short bursts of racing around yard and does need regular exercise.
  • Also enjoys hunting mice and birds, quite successfully.
  • Not interested in meeting 'new' friends, but will get along with male dogs that are introduced correctly. Typical Shiba bitch, does NOT like other females.

NOT a candidate for off-leash walks or dog parks!!!

Reddi is NOT a kennel dog, and has enjoyed a couch, a huge yard and LOVES sunbathing. Therefore, we are looking for a retirement home that offers her both indoor AND outdoor space - she NEEDS her sunshine time. She does not need another dog for company and indeed prefers to have her humans to herself.

Price: $500 plus spay ($450) Cdn.

Reddi has just been spayed and will need 10 - 14 days to recover. During this time we will be accepting applications to find the best home possible for her. For her, we want a home that can provide:

1. a secure yard with a sunny area (sorry, condos won't work for this girl)

2. experienced owners (preferably with Shibas, or at least spitz breed)

3. in local area (Vancouver Island or Lower Mainland, BC)

Please email with your information and why you and Reddi should be together!

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We hope the information provided on the website answers your basic questions in regards to the breed, our breeding principles, costs, and availability.

We do screen all applicants, as this breed is not suitable for everyone.  We do not recommend this breed for first time dog owners, condo living, or for those who work long hours away from home.

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