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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

Sept 9, 2017 update: yippee is now in her new home

Champion SunoJo Yippee Io Kai Yay

"Yippee" was born Dec 23, 2014, and is a daughter of our import Ei. She earned her championship easily, under Japanese judges who appreciated her dark red colour and intense focus. 

Good traits:

  • in smaller range
  • active, athletic
  • smart
  • good looks!
  • house, crate, and leash trained
  • peak health
  • could adapt to condo living if provided with plenty of exercise otherwise

Not-so-good traits:

  • needs more work on dealing with new situations 
  • NOT good with other dogs (particularly other females) so is NOT the kind of dog that could go to off leash dog parks
  • NOT for first time dog owners