Sunojo sunojo shiba inu
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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

What do all those letters mean?

Ch = Champion
Am = American
Can = Canadian
Int = International
BISS = Best In Specialty Show
BIS = Best in Show (all breed)
AOM = Award of Merit
BPIG = Best Puppy in Group
BPIS = Best Puppy in Show




Just the Shibas, in chronological order:

BISS Am/Can/Int Ch. SunoJo's Toshiba Go AOM "Toshi"

Am/Can/Int Ch. SunoJo's Mitsubishi Go AOM "Mitsu"

BIS Am/Can/Int Ch. Ryusen Kawamatasow AOM "Nishi"

BIS Am/CanCh. SunoJo's Get in the Game "Player"

AmCh SunoJo's Stryker "Stryker"

CanCh. SunoJo's Bofu Yuri Go "Lily"

CanCh. SunoJo's Bofu Bara Go "Rosie"

Am/CanCh. SunoJo's Bofu Rabenda Go "Abby"

CanCh. SunoJo's Minyoo Go "Mini"

Am/CanCh. SunoJo's Buigui Go  "Boogie"

Am/CanCh. SunoJo's Sunsation of Kooskia

BPIS  CanCh. SunoJo's Sei Sahsi Go "Sassy"

BPIS Am/Can/Int Ch. SunoJo's Field of Dreams "Costner"

CanCh Zen Satori Nomo No SunoJo "Nomo"

AmCh SunoJo's Tamama Nomei "Nomei"

CanCh. SunoJo's Playmate of the Year  "Bunny"

CanCh. SunoJo's Divine  "Diva"

CanCh. Zen Satori's Big Mack "Mack"

CanCh. Anautuk's Love Goddess of SunoJo  "Venus"

multi BISS Am/Can Ch. Ryuukuumaru Go Gold Typhoon  "Bob"

CanCh. SunoJo's Play It Again  "Sammi"

CanCh. SunoJo Kanzen Na Shinju ADN (Agility Dog Novice)  "Pearl"
- handled by her junior handler/owner, Shannon Rehsler!

CanCh. San Jo Danielle  "Danni"

CanCh. SunoJo's Toshiba No Shisan "Toshi"

Am/CanCh. SunoJo's Aporo Gami Go  "Apollo"

BPIS CanCh. SunoJo's New Day  "Neo"

Am/Can Ch. SunoJo's Aphrodite Go  "Aphro"

Can Ch. SunoJo's Zenchi Go  "Zen"

Can/Arg Ch. SunoJo's Bad Moon Rising  "Kojin"

Can/Rus/Latvian Ch. SunoJo's High Tide "Oshio"

Am. Ch. SunoJo Scotian Bushido Blade "Blade"

Ch. SunoJo Little Byte of Banzai "Pixel"

Ch. SunoJo Little Red Pill "Trinity"

 - lots more to add!