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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

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We hope the information provided on the website answers your basic questions in regards to the breed, our breeding principles, costs, and availability.

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A blank Application Form is available below. Please be aware that we do NOT ship companion puppies outside of British Columbia, we like to meet in person as this could be a 15 year or more relationship. 

We do not recommend the Shiba Inu for first time dog owners. We do screen potential owners for experience and living conditions so that humans and dogs are the best match possible.

Application Form

January 9, 2018

We are pleased to announce that there is a litter due at the end of January, and another breeding has just occurred (due mid March). We anticipate the puppies will be reds. Our bitches typically have 2 - 3 puppies in each litter, so depending on how many are born and their gender, we MAY have some available.

If you have already submitted an Application, please contact us to advise if you are still interested. If you have not submitted an Application, please see directions at left.

Litter #1 - due Jan 23, 2018


Sire: Sunojo How We Say Zee "Zed" (on left)
Dam: Ch Sunojo n Satika's Fiery Glow "Amber" (on right)


Litter #2 due mid march, 2018


Sire: Ch. SunoJo From Sea to Shining Zee "Zee"(left - as puppy)
Dam: Can Ch. SunoJo Rowdy In A Red Dress "Reddi"(right)