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We hope the information provided on the website answers your basic questions in regards to the breed, our breeding principles, costs, and availability.

We do screen all applicants, as this breed is not suitable for everyone.  We do not recommend this breed for first time dog owners, condo living, or for those who work long hours away from home.

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Sire: Khan

Dam: Rose

now available: 

SunoJo Bridget Bordeaux  "Bridget"

Born: August 20, 2017

Sire:  Can Ch Satika n Sunojo The Great Khan

Dam: BISS Can Ch Sunojo Cracklin Rose Timberfox

We kept Bridget as our next little superstar - from an early age she showed great potential, with her beautiful head, sound structure, and look-at-me attitude. Unfortunately, her teeth have come in incorrectly, which eliminates her from our show and breeding program. 

Bridget is still a puppy, and not yet finished growing, either physically or mentally! She will mature to be a moderate sized female with good bone, a beautiful head & expression, and a rich red colour. She is an active, happy girl who loves people. Her current playmates are two other youngsters very close to her age, and her 11 year old grandmother who is trying to teach her some manners! We have a large, secure property for our Shibas to run in, so it may be difficult for her to adjust to apartment or condo living.

Price: $2500 Cdn - new owner is responsible to have spay surgery at appropriate time (approx. 1 year of age). We do not ship, so only to homes within driving distance to Victoria, BC.


Bridget & her sister at 4 days