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Shiba Inu since 1986, we are a small preservation breeder that respects the Japanese ideals of the breed.



Welcome To SunoJo

We are a small in-home preservation breeder dedicated to the protection and continuation of the Shiba Inu breed. Purebred dogs evolved to perform specific functions and each breed has a unique history. The preservation breeder honours this history by maintaining the qualities that make breeds recognizable, able to perform its purpose and iconic in appearance and character. Not to change the look, function, or temperament; or create something new.

Established for over 40 years with the Canadian Kennel Club (SunoJo permanent registered), we have built a reputation of quality, commitment, and caring. We are located on Vancouver Island in beautiful BC, Canada.

We have numerous Champions in Canada, US and overseas, including Grand Champions, Specialty winners, Best in Specialty, and Best In Show. Our dogs and their relatives have been in the Top 5 Shiba Inu in Canada every year since recognition. While our breedings are planned to produce dogs competitive in the show ring, not all are show dogs. We are just as proud of our Shibas living as companions that are beautiful examples of the breed, with superb temperaments. Our goal has always been, and continues to be, to produce Shiba Inu of traditional Japanese type, with excellent temperament and health, whether for the show ring or home.

Only the Best

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Feb 25, 2021: Please note that LINKS are not yet leading anywhere! We hope to have everything back up and running within the next few days. 

About the Shiba Inu

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Born Feb 12, 2021

Sire: BISS Can GrCh/AmCh SunoJo How We Say Zee “Zed”
Dam: CanCh SunoJo Banzai Pipeline “Turtle”
Two red girls, fat and sassy! 
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So You Think You Want A Shiba?

Is A Shiba Inu Right For You?

Do you have the time, energy and patience this breed requires? If you are away 10+ hours a day, live in a highrise, and have never owned a dog before, a Shiba is not the breed for you. If you find it difficult to say NO and don’t like to set boundaries, a Shiba is not for you. Read More.

Our Other Breeds

Japanese Chin & Akita

Our original breed was the Akita, starting in 1974. We lost our last one in 2014, but will be posting information about the breed here (link to come).
My ‘retirement’ dogs are the Japanese Chin. I do not consider myself a Chin breeder, but for breed information, click here (link to come).

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Our News And Events

When we are able to get back to shows and social events, we will be posting results and new champions here!

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Shiba Inu Canada
National Shiba Inu Club of America
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OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)

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