Shiba Inu

Can Ch. Sunojo's Jammed In A Red Dress "Pearl"

Pearl catches your eye with her 'look' - the classic Shiba superior resting female face. She was shown once in the US and needs only a couple of single points to finish - Covid interrupted her career and we just haven't got around to showing 'down there' since.

OFA Good, Patella Normal, OFA Eyes Clear w/gonioscopy 
Link to Pedigree

Am/Can Ch. Sunojo's That's What She Said "Coy"

Coy is a striking, sound, good sized girl - excuse me - princess. She has now been retired and this description is here so that you can refer to her pedigree and health records. She earned her Canadian and American championships easily, and is the epitome of Shiba regal princess.

OFA Patella Normal, OFA Eyes Normal. 
Link to Pedigree

Sunojo's Drezzed In Diamonds  "Di"QA23

Di is one of the happiest girls we have ever had - she lives to have the most fun she can pack into the day. I am not sure if she is a purebred Shiba - it's almost like there is some Golden Retriever in there (except she still doesn't like other female dogs, so that is still being very Shiba). pictured as puppy.

OFA Good, OFA Patella Normal, OFA Eyes Normal. 
Link to Pedigree